Learning from a Local.

Located in Washington, DC, the National Partnership for Community Leadership (NPCL) continues to stand as a ‘pioneer’ non-profit in the Responsible Fatherhood Field. Interested in learning how to start your own non-profit in the future? Spend a semester serving at NPCL, learning everything from administrative tasks to event assistance.

-College/Job recommendation letter after semester of service

-Hands-on experience assisting with in-person training and certification

-Learning the registration process of enrolling and directing trainees

-Assistance with online Newsletter management

-Lasting partnership with NPCL to assist with future projects & pursuits


How Does An Internship look to Colleges?

Traits including: Discipline, determination and diligence are sure to make ANY college application stand out. Through a student’s internship experience at NPCL, young men and women will exude a seriousness in pursuing their academic and professional goals, with the help of Mentors. Additionally, this internship will allow students to gain prior understanding of the non-profit field, aiding in their decision to Major or Minor in a specific academic field.

How Does An Internship look to prospective companies looking to hire?

“Needs More Experience” has been a repeated statement that new college graduates have faced time and time again. Let NPCL help you! Your recommendation from our company President & semester experience with NPCL speaks volumes. Show your potential boss that prior to meeting them, you had an attitude focused on learning and growing as a professional. A semester ‘on the field’ marks the beginning of a great work ethic.

Stand out in your profession. We’d love to highlight your work!